Saturday, September 28, 2013

things and more things

Inspiration for the week of 9/22-9/28:
  • (Shown above) Ana Kraš - Shy Gestures from the Avant/Garde Diaries. (Ana & Devendra collabs = !!!! = loveliest couple ever)
  • Refer to this post for the poems that I discovered/re-discovered this week.
  • Prof. Jensen Jeung. Only been in his class for two days and he's already my favorite.
  • 100 Years From Now

Things and people I'm grateful for:
  • My soon-to-be concert buddy!
  • The little girl I'm tutoring.
  • That guy who has the really wonderful and deep voice and who is also so humble about who he is and where he's been that it amazes me.
  • My commuter buds.
  • Having a car.

Things I just realized:
  • I'm seeing Young the Giant on Tuesday.
  • I still haven't finished watching Pushing Daisies.

What I was listening to while putting this post together:
  • We Are The Tide (2011) by Blind Pilot

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