Saturday, September 28, 2013

week one

View from the eleventh floor of Swig. Sorry you have to deal with my low quality photos (taken with my phone).

Who knew the first five days at school could feel like five months?

9/21-9/22: Welcome Weekend. Mostly just freshmen moving into their dorms and other activities. Commuters were "welcome to attend" but we were excluded from just about everything. Honestly it sucked, but I'm grateful we made a commuter group on Facebook beforehand and were able to connect and meet up with each other that weekend. It made making friends and going around campus a lot easier. I went to one party on Saturday night, and that was interesting. I was with some pretty great people so that made the experience more satisfying, but in general I don't see the point in convening with hordes of strangers who are mostly there to get high and wasted. Some say it's how you socialize and network, but how do you network with people who are just getting smashed and spilling drinks everywhere? Not cool in my book. (Especially since a lot of people were sent to get medical help that night.) Apparently it was a "really good" party, and I guess I can see why, but in general my ideal party is an intimate night (alcohol optional) with my peeps and actually getting to have good conversations, rather than having to shout over the din of shouting drunkards.

9/23-9/27: First week of classes. This quarter I'm taking Elementary Latin, Principles of Sociology, Critical Thinking and Writing (a fall/winter core requirement), and Intro to East Asia History. I'm really happy with it. Earliest class is at 11:45 am so I don't need to leave the house before eleven. Only one class on Friday, so I'm out by one in the afternoon. My favorite professor at the moment is my sociology professor. Everything seems like a blur right now and I'm getting sleepy trying to remember everything so I'll just leave it there.

At least I'm 10% done with this quarter already. Everything is going to go swimmingly. Fingers crossed.


  1. I'm glad your schedule is what you wanted~ ^__^

    1. Thank you Nancy! I hope your first week went well! C: