Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some things never leave a person:

Old photo. Taken around April this year at Mission Peak.

Poems I read tonight and would like to share:

Now that I think of it, those three poems all contain really lovely color imagery. Golds, oranges, reds. I guess I'm subconsciously finding myself drawn to autumn colors. I actually started crying after reading "Persimmons" (oh hush—crying over poems is what I do to alleviate stress) because sometimes poems just knock you over that edge you've been tip-toeing along during those days or weeks or months when you're plain exhausted, so you just gotta let the tears well up. Then you dry your eyes. Then you keep going. Yup. Can you tell that I'm writing this at one in the morning while avoiding my Latin homework and Sociology reading?

Happy reading (and crying, if that applies to any of you).


  1. I cried during "Persimmons" as well; it felt like my soul was being sucked into a black hole. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I want to say I'm glad that you cried, but that sounds kinda weird so I won't. I'm happy you like it though. I think Li-Young Lee is one of my favorite poets at the moment!