Sunday, September 22, 2013

succulents and room redecorating

This is the sketchbook I mentioned in a previous post, featuring a page of colorful stickers from an old Hamtaro calendar that I never used and a quick drawing based on the model in this post found on Tumblr. Next to the sketchbook are two succulents that I've propagated from plants in my backyard! There's a third one sitting on top of my wardrobe inside a glass fishbowl, but I think it's dying so I may have to plant a new one...

I recently decided I wanted to redecorate my room a bit. After weeks of watching friends go off to college and looking at their Instagram and Facebook posts about moving into their dorms, as well as reading those college life blogs that post nice photos of well-decorated dorm rooms and apartments, I was pretty inspired to liven up my own living space. I'm a commuter student, so I won't get to experience the whole "college dorm life" thing. As a result, I decided I wanted to treat myself and do a bit of redecorating. It's definitely not the same as personalizing a dorm room (since you can't show it off to floormates and friends), but at least it's something. After all, the pros of commuting include having my room all to myself as well as plenty of space.

So far everything is still a work in progress. I'm really happy that my succulents are still alive (I'd be disappointed in myself if they weren't). I got the idea from Apartment Therapy. The plants are really tiny and cute and I think having a little bit of green in any room is refreshing. Succulents are super low maintenance, too, once you get them settled in.

The other day, after stopping by school to pick up my ID card and textbooks, I decided I wanted to visit downtown's Recycle Bookstore. While trying to find parking I spotted a little thrift store, Elefante Blanco, and decided I'd check it out too. It was a really nice little nonprofit boutique that supports Rotary International. They had clothes, shoes, books, LPs ($1 each!), costume jewelry, and many other vintage knick-knacks and trinkets. I think I'm a little in love with the place. They had a decent selection of shoes in the size 5 1/2 which is amazing because I never find shoes in my size when I go thrifting! I didn't want to spend a lot of money and only bought two Pottery Barn cloth napkins (49 cents each) with a really nice blue pattern on them. I don't really know how I want to use them to decorate my room yet, but for the time being they're hanging over my bookshelf. They look pretty sitting there, but I'm sure I'll find an even better use for them soon.

It's not likely that I'll be able to do much else since school's starting (and my goodness there are so many activities planned for freshmen during the next few weeks), but I'm making it an ongoing project for when I have free time at home.

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