Saturday, September 13, 2014

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c. Summer 2014

There are lots of cool people on the Internet. (And that is a huge understatement, believe me.)

I can't deny that I'm constantly inspired by the work I see everywhere, ranging from projects started to spur change to the beautiful film productions released on YouTube. Last week in particular I got incredibly caught up in binge watching multiple incredible web series, and I discovered a handful of utterly mind-blowing creators who work in the film production field. AHHH. I'm just so overwhelmed and filled to the brim with excitement and encouragement! I'm getting a little worked up just thinking about all the amazing discoveries I've stumbled upon, so just give me a moment to get myself together. (It's probably not helping that I'm listening to a particularly invigorating EDM playlist right now, ha.)

I think I'll go about this list of links chronologically, in order of when they were found. Lots of rambling after the cut! Read through if you're interested in reading about some great web series and beautiful YouTube creators.

1 • The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Wowowowow. Where do I even begin? I've always been a huge fan of Peter Pan, so imagine my surprise when I discovered this lovely and adorable adaptation! It definitely has a certain Lizzie Bennet Diaries vibe, but it's a lot more relaxed (? not sure if that's the proper adjective?) and I love that there are two "cameras" at play: Wendy's video blog for her family's newspaper, and Tink's POV — which not only allows us to see Peter's personal thoughts, but also creates a more interactive feel when the characters speak to Tink and the dialogue and interactions between characters is much more natural. I was swept off my feet by the writing—especially the characters! The lovely lady who casted Michael and John did an amazing job. They are my absolute favorites. I just love the way Michael says "Madame Lootcrate."

It's definitely on a different level from the LBD and Emma Approved. I love it. And I love how this was my first foray into the YouTube web series world beyond Pemberley Digital!

2 • Nothing Much to Do

HANDS DOWN AMAZING. I CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE IT. You have to experience it in full, and if you love Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing as much as I do, then you're in for a spectacular treat. So. Much. HAPPINESS.

3 • Classic Alice

4 • Flat3

5 • Yulin Kuang

6 • Emily Diana Ruth (aka, emilieofnewgloom)

(I'll finish writing everything out later...)

This list barely grazes the surface, but I think it does kind of capture the process of me slowly warming up to the idea of "hey, yeah I can do this too!" because I know this is the sort of work that I want to be involved with in the future. I can recognize the subtly not-as-glamorous parts, and I definitely realize that I feel a bit behind everything since I'm not attending film school and will probably be teaching myself most of the basics on my own. But those challenges should encourage me, not deter me. I just wanna make some magic too, y'know?

I told you already—there are so many cool people on the Internet. Whether you read this whole list or not, I'll leave you all with this lovely little piece of music:

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