Monday, August 11, 2014

type-oh's and other words

A typo that made me stop and smile:
"Her Brother Andrew Birkin captured their together" (via
B.J. Novak on Mindy Kaling as a writer:
“Mindy has long been considered the best writer on The Office, and every actor on the show thinks she writes for them best,” says Novak. “There is the extra little ‘smile’ that infuses her scripts, which is hard to quantify. My guess is that it stems from a real loving sense of the superspecific inner life of every character. Characters aren’t joke machines to her, or types to satirize. As a person, she’s incredibly sentimental, more than anyone I’ve met, but she’s also incredibly sharp. She’s unabashedly both. That allows her to express real emotions without shyness, but also without clichés.” (via
A more ordered life:
"But practiced at its highest level, mise-en-place says that time is precious. Resources are precious. Space is precious. Your self-respect and the respect of others are precious. Use them wisely. Isn't that a philosophy for our time?" (via

Other daily thoughts from today, August 11, 2014:
  • There is a deep-seated feeling of disappointment in my gut that came from the fact that I was more affected by hearing about the death of Robin Williams than I was about my paternal grandfather's. There was no crazy emotional response; I just paused longer and thought of Genie, Mr. Keating, and Mrs. Doubtfire with such clarity, but saw the word "grandpa" and felt and pictured nothing but a blur.
  • The team behind God Help The Girl is looking for volunteers to spread the word about the film in the US! One of the cities listed is San Jose and I'm completely over the moon with anticipation as to what "postcarding" might mean! It would be so wonderful to help.

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