Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I could make you mine

I've been following Neon Gold Record's blog for over two years now, and a video for their 5th anniversary was released recently. I've been reading their blog all this time for the cool music, but I never actually looked into the people behind it. The video (produced by MOI$T) really gave me a look into the effect the label has had on some of my favorite artists (and I discovered most of them through the Neon Gold blog!). This led to a lot of clicking around and Google searching, and it was all pretty inspiring.

(Listed in order of the discovery process)

  1. (from blog)
  2. NG5: Five Years of Neon Gold (to video)
  3. Refinery29: "How Two Buds Started Neon Gold Records" (to an article)
  4. The Knocks – Dreaming (to music video by an artist from Neon Gold)
  5. MOI$T (to the person who made the anniversary and music videos)
...all the way to me sitting here, thinking about not only how spectacular Lizzy and Derek from Neon Gold are because of their supportive influence, but also about the impressive videos produced and edited by the lady behind MOI$T! 

I especially, especially, especially appreciated what Justine Bowe (of Magic Man) had to say in the anniversary video about Lizzy Plapinger being one of the most inspirational female figures for her in the industry. More power to the ladies! The issue of the gender gap is something I've thought a lot about, being not only a woman, but also a person of color who wants to enter the entertainment industry.

Basically, this post is just another display of my nerdiness when it comes to subjects that intrigue me. I love discovering new music, and film or media production is something I'm going to start learning more about soon. Soon!

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