Sunday, April 20, 2014

that's love

Lack of inspiration? Lack of motivation? Fear of the future? Excitement? Sleep deprivation?

I guess these are all just little excuses I've come up with to compensate for my lack of writing. I'm doing my best to settle back into the routine of school, but for some reason spring quarter hasn't felt as "smooth" as the last two. It might just be the weather that's making me feel detached from schoolwork, or maybe it's just that a couple of my classes aren't as engaging as they should be (bitin' my thumb at these boring freshman critical thinking/cultures courses!). It could also be the hectic chaos that comes with this time of year in terms of all the big culture shows and events, along with elections and getting ready to transition into a new board. If anything, it's honestly probably the overwhelming combination of all of these things.

Nevertheless, since I don't have as many words and ramblings to share, I thought I'd just compile a handful of pictures and snaps from my life this past month or so.

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