Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nutella cravings, among other things

This week's inspiration, favorite discoveries — generally just things I'm especially grateful for.

  • tostada con tomate (using gluten-free bread, grape tomatoes, and a drizzle of honey)
  • a bowl of granola + a spoonful of Nutella
  • Becky May
  • Joshua Saunders's music box pieces
  • the sounds of autumn from Stijn's bedroom window in Europe
  • cherry lip balm
  • 101 Vultures by Alex Winston
  • Slumflower

There's still about a week before I start school but I'm already spending a lot of quality time at the public library! The other day I finished A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams and am working my way through Joyce's Dubliners. I've been meaning to pick it up for ages after reading "Araby" and "The Boarding House" in last year's literature textbook. 

The other books I took with me are Taipei by Tao Lin, Horoscopes for the Dead by Billy Collins, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee, and How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers. Looking forward to powering through them before the excitement of my first quarter in college begins! I might write some reflections on the books, if I feel like it.

I also pulled out an old sketchbook I'd bought years ago and started filling its pages again. I've done some watercolors and collages in it already, as well as a bunch of lists and quick sketches. I found a list of journal ideas online and quickly jotted down a short story (more like a piece of flash fiction, really) using the prompt, "Write a work that intersperses love with landlords." It's pretty crazy, but I'm partially satisfied with what I ended up with. You can read it here.

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